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AmiBroker Generate Signals

Firstly Pinaxo AI Software fetches the Buy/Sell Signals generated by the Amibroker platform.

Pinaxo AI Read Signals

Pinaxo AI Software reads those signals generated by AmiBroker and execute them on Broker's Terminal.

Executes Trade on Terminal

Pinaxo AI Software executes the order on the terminal like normal trades in: NEST/ODIN/NOW

Cheap & Affordable

Since there is no recurring cost, once you pay is all done. There is no extra support charges or hidden cost.

Smart & Independent

This smart tool is all in all. It can manipulate the position, place the order and exit the trade on a proper time.

100% Profit Return

Since a software works on a definite rule and algorithm, it can not commit mistake. Hence we can expect a daily return.

Daily Profit
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Pinaxo AI Saves Time

Pinaxo AI Software executes trade on time in a fraction of second. With an automated system, you just plug it into however many charts you want it to Trade.

Perfect Discipline

Pinaxo AI Software works strictly on the given strategy. Robo trade do not commit any mistake as it functions on the algorithm, while error is the part of manual trading.

No Latency

Pinaxo AI Trade is too fast to understand the given strategy. Trades are timed correctly and instantly, to avoid significant price changes.

Pinaxo is an Awsome Buy Sell Signal Generating Software

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